Our goal is to show the kids that they are Royalty and that they have been given a Royal Mission: to bring Heaven to Earth. Superkidz walk that out in pictures, dancing, music…showing His love in all different ways. We want for every child that we come in contact with, to come in contact with God.

Youth (Limitless Youth)

As youth Pastors at Grace Life, we are here to introduce them to Someone that will never leave them, Holy Spirit.  If we can show them who their identity comes from, the necessity to gain approval and acceptance elsewhere will disappear and they will instead embrace Him forever!   We are empowering a generation to change their world by simply presenting the raw, uncut version of the Gospel of Grace!

Jesus said in John 14:9, “If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father.”

If we can show the youth who Jesus really is, they will have a right belief system that allows their potential to be limitless!  Realizing that we don’t have to be “God pleasers”, but instead can trust that Jesus fully satisfied God, results in a life of pure freedom as sons and daughters rather than slaves and workhorses!  We never underestimate the power of God through the youth!  Expect more than just change, expect a totally new life in Him!


I grew up in churches chock-full of rigid procedures, bylaws, and requirements for membership. At Grace Life Church I’ve been freed from rigid worship, laws, and the daunting tasks of being a Christian. I have been awakened to the truth. I live under God’s grace. I do not work to be granted His love; it is given freely. He only asks that I believe and let His glory shine from within me so that others can see how he loves, and how His love allows us to live in abundance. Years ago I went through the “checklist” of requirements and “accepted Christ as my personal savior.” Since, what I call, my awakening, I have a real relationship with my Father, a relationship where I am conscious of His presence every minute. I am not free from sin, but now when I stumble, I don’t stumble into hell, I stumble into His forgiving arms. I now understand the depth of His love for me and because of that understanding; I desire to live the life He has planned for me. Grace Life Church seems more like a second home than a church, and the people seem more like family than a “congregation.” If you are looking for a place where you can drop the heavy weight of guilt and shame and worship freely; Grace Life is the place for you. You are never too damaged to be saved by God’s grace.
Prattville, AL