Beautiful Warriors (Ladies)

For more information contact:
Joannie Garner

Beautiful Warriors is place for women to be who God has called them to be.

It was founded in my heart out of a deep place of hurt and pain. Losing my Mom to several addictions and suicide. Then losing my step Mom in a car accident. Both women lived a life of silence. I feel blessed to give women a voice to speak up for themselves. And to empower them to take control of their lives.
I also am thankful to provide women a safe place to just be and heal through a private fb group and monthly events. Also to empower them by sharing my own struggles, pain and trials. The word of God is the only lasting thing that has brought complete healing to my heart. I want women to be able to plan and make time for themselves.The 2nd weekend of every month is when we meet up. The day and theme varies because Beautiful Warriors was built on 3 components: Faith, fun and friendships.

The mission is to help as many women as possible realize their worth and value. And not be afraid to dream God dreams.

Chick Chat (Ladies)

If you are a lady who likes to talk or likes to listen .. This is you’re spot!!  We get together once a month usually over coffee and chat about life.  It’s very organic and fun, no agenda or measuring up, just being real with authentic love.  We would love to have you chat with us.

Married 4 Life (Married Couples)

At Grace Life we are passionate about marriage and family.  Married 4 Life is a connect group where married couples get together to have fun and build long lasting relationships with not only your spouse, but other couples in church.  We do everything from going out to dinner, meeting up at a coffee shop, bowling, painting, pottery, and so much more.
Check out the calendar or download the GLC app for dates and times.

Game Night (Everyone Welcome)

Game Night is an exciting way to get to know and be connected with our family at Grace Life. There is always a variety of things to do and plenty of laughs to go around. Game Night takes place the last Friday night every other month. You can check out our calendar or download the GLC app for specific dates and times.


I grew up in churches chock-full of rigid procedures, bylaws, and requirements for membership. At Grace Life Church I’ve been freed from rigid worship, laws, and the daunting tasks of being a Christian. I have been awakened to the truth. I live under God’s grace. I do not work to be granted His love; it is given freely. He only asks that I believe and let His glory shine from within me so that others can see how he loves, and how His love allows us to live in abundance. Years ago I went through the “checklist” of requirements and “accepted Christ as my personal savior.” Since, what I call, my awakening, I have a real relationship with my Father, a relationship where I am conscious of His presence every minute. I am not free from sin, but now when I stumble, I don’t stumble into hell, I stumble into His forgiving arms. I now understand the depth of His love for me and because of that understanding; I desire to live the life He has planned for me. Grace Life Church seems more like a second home than a church, and the people seem more like family than a “congregation.” If you are looking for a place where you can drop the heavy weight of guilt and shame and worship freely; Grace Life is the place for you. You are never too damaged to be saved by God’s grace.
Prattville, AL