I grew up in churches chock-full of rigid procedures, bylaws, and requirements for membership. At Grace Life Church I’ve been freed from rigid worship, laws, and the daunting tasks of being a Christian. I have been awakened to the truth. I live under God’s grace. I do not work to be granted His love; it is given freely. He only asks that I believe and let His glory shine from within me so that others can see how he loves, and how His love allows us to live in abundance. Years ago I went through the “checklist” of requirements and “accepted Christ as my personal savior.” Since, what I call, my awakening, I have a real relationship with my Father, a relationship where I am conscious of His presence every minute. I am not free from sin, but now when I stumble, I don’t stumble into hell, I stumble into His forgiving arms. I now understand the depth of His love for me and because of that understanding; I desire to live the life He has planned for me. Grace Life Church seems more like a second home than a church, and the people seem more like family than a “congregation.” If you are looking for a place where you can drop the heavy weight of guilt and shame and worship freely; Grace Life is the place for you. You are never too damaged to be saved by God’s grace.
Prattville, AL
The message of His love and grace that HE has for me that’s being preached at GLC has 180 degree changed my life, I’ve allowed this message of love, grace, and acceptance to empower my walk with Him. It’s all because of Jesus. GLC rocks.
Not sure if this qualifies for your testimony page…but…I wanted to say how blessed and encouraged I have been from your facebook posts and just following the growth and excitement surrounding Grace Life Church and the message of God’s spoken favor over our lives. Thanks Pastor Phil and everyone at GLC!
I would say that since I have become a Grace Life Church/Church Gone Wild FAN and watch on line from St.Petersburg Florida that I have never felt so excited about going to church. I hate when I miss Pastor Phil speak the Word and teach GRACE. If everyone would open their hearts to GRACE and LOVE the world would be a better place. The Pastors at Grace Life Church are REAL they are what this generation needs desperately. NO more law…NO more Religion… NO more Condemnation. GLC teaches Gods LOVE for us! I will say if you watch once as I did you will be hooked.
St.Petersburg, FL
I come from a well known family I really thought I had no problems just did know god well. 6 years ago I tried killin my self with a 45 in alex city in hotel. I pulled the trigger the cop was at the door. Little did I know God had my back. I was very depressed, I had money, everything I wanted but i wasn’t happy on the inside, I tried business adventure one after another I thought I was failure in life, lost all the money all my so called friends. My dad as child really put me down all the time well I thought he was right. Well had a friend of mine ask me to go to church just kept going didn’t feel nothing but i didnt give up, well the pastor ask me to go to Altamonte Tennessee and that is first time I ever experienced the Holy Spirit. Well then I went to another church to see if I could get that feeling, well it wasnt there I really felt something at the place called the basement the pastor asked me to go. It was off the chain put me on fire for God in a big way but that was once a month I need every sunday well my wife said lets try—Grace Life Church and Pastor Phil was it!!!!! I had that feeling and have had it ever since. I have changed the way I live. He set me free from the depression, I am on fire for God doing big things he has opened the doors up for my ministry the garage also help me create a t-shirt line for christians called exodus also I feel like deep in my heart i was made to preach…He keeps showing that to me in a vision I feel it in my innerman, I dont know alot about the Bible but I know Jesus died on the cross to wash everybody sins away!! Any time we are not perfect we are forgiven, I know I am on fire for God and He has big plans for me, I know it, I feel it and He has shown me the way at GLC.
Prattville, AL
For many years we felt like we just didnt fit in…like there was no church out there that believed like us. We are so very blessed to have FOUND everything we believed, wanted, needed, and MORE at GLC. GLC is the true definition of Gods Love and FAMILY. There are no words to be able to describe the FREEDOM we have from going deeper and deeper into God’s Grace and ALL that means. The pastors at GLC are more than just leaders, they are true believers that are WALKING OUT everything they preach. When you see GLC is ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY.. it is a GOOOD thang!! If you want to experience the true love of Jesus and the true community of Family, all serving God while loving each other, then you will love GLC …its a really exciting place to be.
Millbrook, AL
Im Free
I once was lost but now Im found.
I once was living under the curse of the law
but now Im resting in His finished work.
I once was all bound up trying to work my salvation
but now Ive discovered a whole new revelation
Its all about Him, not about me
Ive found a new place I never want to leave
Living in His glory is where I desire to be
Thank you Lord for your love and grace
who knew all that was available just for Me
because the blood of Jesus has set me free
Proud to call Grace Life Church my unique family.
I welcome all of you to do the same.
When you live by the name of Jesus there ain’t no shame.
The ‘grace message’ has totally transformed my life! Even though I grew up in church and knew about God, it still wasn’t enough for me to be a good little Christian girl. For years and years I was on a never-ending search to fill the void inside me, through dead-end relationships, alcohol, and food. Once I heard and received the grace message from Pastor Phil and realized that God loves me just as I am, exactly where I am and that nothing I have done or will ever do would cause Him to be mad at me or sever my relationship with him. I finally felt free for the first time in my life. This was just too good to be true. I found out that all those rules that churches put on you to be a Christian were the same ones that pushed me away from even wanting to be one. Thank God for Grace! For the first time in my life I have genuine friendships that are helping to build me up in my relationship with Daddy (God) and they never judge or criticize me when I fall. Because of what I’m being fed at Grace Life Church, my life is being changed eternally from the inside out and I don’t have to wear a pretty little mask anymore!
Prattville, AL
Sounds like you been to the church I grew up in. You described the old school religion I came from. Every series I see from you is like a novel I can’t put down, it unfolds and the truths are there to be seen.
Good morning to you and that sweet lady of yours. 🙂 Wanted to let you know that we were able to catch from abut 11:20 on this morning, so from about the part where the Holy Spirit gave you parenting advice to share 😉 whoo hoo Glory! My hubby FINALLY watched this morning ( I have been praying not pushing) and he said…”I really enjoyed watching your pastor and what was shared today!” He has been burnt so badly by legalism and “churchy” stuff and then watched me go through it after he had left. Just saying thanks SO much for getting out of the way and letting God lead you. I LOVE you guys and am so glad God led us to you and the rest of the GLC fam!
Prattville, AL
Grace Life Church is the place to be! A group of people who all want to be in one place couldn’t be harder to find nowadays. It’s refreshing to get a genuine welcome and honest love from everyone there! Anything but ordinary is an understatement and we’re real to the max! Lovin’ it & livin’ it!
Laconia, NH (Prattville, AL)
Your Holy Ghost parenting this morning was excellent. He always knows what He is doing!! Praise God. 🙂 We caught it online.
Prattville, AL
It has been a year since I have been apart of the family….best year of my life! Thank you for being you and obeying daddy and aligning yourself up with your calling. So grateful for you! Our best days are ahead! Love you!
Prattville, AL
WOW FIRE FIRE GOING ON AT GLC…JUST WATCHED SUNDAY..GLORY never been a part of something like that but WOW felt the POWER!!! AMEN!!!
St. Petersburg, FL
God has been doing MAJOR things in my son’s life, showing him His love and grace in so many ways, MUCH of it because of being at GLC. I cannot express enough our gratefulness. When we first came in May, people told us to get ready because our lives were going to be changed. We decided to bring my niece last week and she was delivered from drug addiction. I’m sooo excited about what God is doing.Thank you so much for your realness, and leadership. Just wanted you to know you helped. GLC rocks!!
Prattville, AL
I’ve just started watching your Sunday service from Jackson, Ms. I knew you differnt from the “stuffed shirt” services on so many other channels! This morning you mentioned Autaugaville, AL. which caught my attention!! To find out that you were associated with Canaan Land,and so close to my home town of Montgomery, made me fell even closer to you! Listening to you speak, it all suddenly became VERY clear as to why I feel such a connection, and related to you so well! I found a God of my understanding, but never returned to regular church attendence. Until you! I love listening to you share the word! Thank you for keeping it real!!!
Jackson, MS
It was so great hearing you spell it out for people just how good Daddy is. He has been falsely accused and blamed for far too much for far too long, and I know that all of heaven rejoices when a child of God stands up and speaks out about his unconditional and never-ending love for us – how good he is to us and how he is the author and giver ONLY, not the taker. Praise God for that revelation flooding the church… as you well know, the church needs it!!! Grace, peace and joy to you and the GLC family!!!