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Our greatest desire is to bring people into the liberating freedom of the Gospel of Grace and empower them to walk an extraordinary and supernatural life. Grace Life Church is on the edge of a grace revolution that is sweeping the earth today and setting multitudes free from legalism and bondage. We are a church that celebrates the grace of God knowing that it’s what liberates us to become fully and uniquely what God intends us to be.

We are a people who know God and are moving increasingly in His miraculous power, who are not sin conscious but Christ conscious, who know how to live life and enjoy it, and walk in rest while being established in the love and grace of God. To that end, you will find many resources on this site that will bless you and equip you to help others.

Here at GLC, our desire is that a generation would not just come to church, but rather be the church. We don’t want just services, but gatherings where people encounter the One that created them. We believe that this is truly what will cause our generation to walk in purity and manifest the power of the Kingdom. What is more compelling than to know that God does not count us out, but He sees us through? We believe that there has never been a moment like this, so we must SHINE like never before!

Church Is God’s Plan

Why should we go to church, and what is the point of church, anyway? If you love God, why do you need to go to church?

The Bible answers these questions decisively… Church is God’s plan to reach the world with the good news. He has set it up to be the hope of the world to reveal HIM(Jesus) – really! It is supposed to be that good!

God’s plan was to create local communities who love one another deeply and reach out to their communities and the world with the love of Jesus and His incredibly good news. Every church is meant to have local and international impact.

The message of His love and grace that HE has for me that’s being preached at GLC has 180 degree changed my life, I’ve allowed this message of love, grace, and acceptance to empower my walk with Him. It’s all because of Jesus. GLC rocks.

Serving Each Other

Church is the only organization that exists primarily for the benefit of its non-members. A recent national research survey shows that most of those surveyed erroneously believe that the church exists to meet their needs. While it is true that we do have our needs met in a local church, its purpose is to be the place where we grow in Grace, His faith and learn to serve others.

The ideal is for all Christians to know who they are in Christ, who HE is in US. That they know their specific calling and receive a heart for reaching their communities and the world with the message of God’s Love and Grace. Church is where we learn to live in all the freedom and blessing God intended so that we can help reach the world for Jesus. So to make that all happen, God prepared some special servants who could help reveal that they are already equipped to fulfill their God-given destiny.

We say at Grace Life Church that “Jesus loves you and God is not mad at you” our vision is to be a blessing to everyone!!

Grace Life Church is the place to be! A group of people who all want to be in one place couldn’t be harder to find nowadays. It’s refreshing to get a genuine welcome and honest love from everyone there! Anything but ordinary is an understatement and we’re real to the max! Lovin’ it & livin’ it! – (Prattville, AL)

The Family of God

10428480_988800484477320_5182790636559042140_nThe church is the family of God because the Bible teaches that when we come to faith in Jesus, we are born again into the family of God and can then call God our Father or Daddy.

Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God!
– 1 John 3

Church is a believer’s spiritual family and is called to function like a healthy natural family where people can care about each another. Just like a family is supposed to do, the church is where we serve one another in love by…

  • Getting to know each other,
  • Sharing in each other’s lives,
  • Helping each other in practical ways,
  • Encouraging one another

God’s household, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of the truth.
– 1 Timothy 3:15

It has been a year since I have been apart of the family….best year of my life! Thank you for being you and obeying daddy and aligning yourself up with your calling. So grateful for you! Our best days are ahead! Love you!
Prattville, AL

Environment For Faith In Action

The church provides a unique environment for Christians to express their faith in love towards one another. Jesus is our example, He is the answer to everything.

During his time on earth, Jesus walked as no one else had ever done. He rejected the empty religious establishment of his day. He spent time with people on the fringes of society or the unlovable. He turned conventional spiritual wisdom on its ear, He turned the world of religion upside down.

You could always tell where he had been. People left in his wake were healed of all kinds of sickness: physical, emotional, and spiritual. Financial and practical provisions appeared. The dead were raised to life. Even storms quieted at his command. Through all the Gospels, like a mighty river, rushing, quiet, but pervasive, there is a sense of joy and peace in His life even when circumstances we not good!

People who were rejected began to feel loved. People who had hidden terrible secrets let them go – and moved on with life having come to know God’s UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and COMPLETE forgiveness. Disciples who were foolish, moody and vindictive became wise, strong, generous and loving.

How was all this possible? Jesus gave the answer when He explained that… “I spend TIME with my Father. Then I SAY what my Father says and DO what he does… And anyone who has faith in me will do what I’ve been doing, and even more.”

We endeavor at Grace Life Church to create an environment for faith in action, where Jesus Reigns and not man, HIS Grace empowers us to live an Extraordinary life where we are live out what we know to be real, Jesus Christ.

Grace Life Church is the place to be! A group of people who all want to be in one place couldn’t be harder to find nowadays. It’s refreshing to get a genuine welcome and honest love from everyone there! Anything but ordinary is an understatement and we’re real to the max! Lovin’ it & livin’ it! – (Prattville, AL)