I grew up in churches chock-full of rigid procedures, bylaws, and requirements for membership. At Grace Life Church I’ve been freed from rigid worship, laws, and the daunting tasks of being a Christian. I have been awakened to the truth. I live under God’s grace. I do not work to be granted His love; it is given freely. He only asks that I believe and let His glory shine from within me so that others can see how he loves, and how His love allows us to live in abundance.

Years ago I went through the “checklist” of requirements and “accepted Christ as my personal savior.” Since, what I call, my awakening, I have a real relationship with my Father, a relationship where I am conscious of His presence every minute. I am not free from sin, but now when I stumble, I don’t stumble into hell, I stumble into His forgiving arms. I now understand the depth of His love for me and because of that understanding; I desire to live the life He has planned for me. Grace Life Church seems more like a second home than a church, and the people seem more like family than a “congregation.” If you are looking for a place where you can drop the heavy weight of guilt and shame and worship freely; Grace Life is the place for you. You are never too damaged to be saved by God’s grace.

– Prattville, AL

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